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CSL will again be hosting the California Cup in 2016.

This is a Class 1 tournament and will be accepting both US Club soccer and USYS (Calsouth) 2015-2016 playing cards.

Teams U11 thru U19: The cost is $450 for the tournament.

Teams U8 thru U10: The cost is $425 for the tournament.

Please note that the registration fee does not include referee fees. Each team will pay 1/2 of the total referee game fee. The CSL Handbook outlines each team's share of the referee fees for the length of each game. CSL will pay all referee fees for the FINALS.

Cal South has now implemented the USSF MANDATED CALENDAR YEAR AGE CHANGE beginning July 1, 2016.  
What does this actually mean to you?  It means gaming leagues, like CSL, must adopt the new USSF age requirements for their 2016 League Season.
In reality, the gaming leagues will follow the mandate beginning July 1st. Gaming leagues have no choice. The real issue is just how do the actual teams comply with this rule. Each Club will adopt its own policy of how to implement this new rule and clubs will differ on how they implement the change.
So, here is your issue:  
A.  If your club does not adjust its teams' ages until July 1st, there are tournaments that will be available for you to participate in that they will cater to your current age group, but this may leave you unprepared for post July 1st tournament play and league play.
B. If your Club immediately creates new teams following the calendar year mandate in order to prepare for the upcoming 2016 season, there are currently no tournaments sanctioned by Cal South for your new team to participated in prior to July 1st.  
CSL's CAL CUP has solved your dilemma. 
CAL CUP is offering both a current year tournament and a new Calendar Year tournament. Both tournaments will be held side-by-side but with separate rules, flights and awards.
Your Team now has a choice: 
1. Teams may use CAL CUP as a warm up for State Cup participation or as a tune up for other tournaments that are sanctioned for the old age group requirement. CAL CUP has been a stand alone tournament with great competition for all competitive levels for a very long time and CAL CUP will follow that tradition and host another great event again in 2016.
2.  Teams may register as a CALENDAR YEAR team and play with other CALENDAR YEAR teams in order to try out new players, practice as a new team and actually get ready for all the Calendar Year Tournaments starting after July 1st, 2016.  
CAL CUP will allow all players with the appropriate calendar year birthdate to use their existing player Cards to participate as a Calendar Year team. The players may be from any team (and from any club), using any player pass as long as they are of the appropriate age.
Please note that the CALENDAR YEAR age group is a reality; it is mandated and every team must be in compliance on July 1st, 2016. 
Whatever your needs are during this transition period, CSL CAL CUP will allow you to get ready for the 2016 League Season.
Please go to and register today. Please follow the instructions on the registration page and input the date of your oldest player.
If for example, you put in January 1, then you be playing "CALENDAR YEAR." If you put in August 1st, you will be playing under the current seasonal year.
We hope you join us.  CAL CUP will get your team on the right track for the 2016 Season.


For ages 8 thru 13 – January 30, 2016 

For ages 14 thru 19 – February 25, 2016


U8-U13: February 27,28 - March 5,6 2016

U14-19: March 19,20,26  2016

Congratulations to our 2015 CAL CUP

Champions and Finalists:

Flight Champions Finalists
B8 AC Brea Red FC Long Beach
G8 FC Golden State Select Cities Avalanche
B9 Blue Colton America Canyon White
B9 Premier FC Deportivo Pumas Southwest Laguna Academy
G9 Albion OC White AC Brea
B10 Blue Desert United Arsenal White
B10 Premier IE Surf Mejia Autobahn Blue
G10 AVFC Xplosion SC
B11 Blue Celtic 1888 AVSC Storm
B11 Premier Colton America Pateadores White
G11 Blue CDA Slammers PDYSL Signature
G11 Premier Team USA Iniguez Santa Monica United
B12 Blue Newcastle United Hollywood Red
B12 Premier FC Long Beach Blue Colton America
G12 Blue Saugus United High Desert Real Madrid
G12 Premier Corinthians Black Nomads Lopez
B13 Blue Santos Laguna Freedom Blue
B13 Premier Colton America Academy Colton America Blue
G13 Blue Palm Desert TFA IE
G13 Premier Claremont Stars Black FRAM Boswell
B14 Blue River Valley Lompoc FC Golden State Rodriguez
B14 Premier LAFA La Academia Tigres
G14 Blue AC Brea Santa Anita SC
G14 Premier Sherman Oaks Extreme Milan Academy
B15 Blue OC Premier Black CVU Red
B15 Premier S Bay Falcons White Spartans
G15 Blue HG Eagles NPSC Extreme
G15 Premier IE Surf Koch Riverside MGFM Elite
B16 Blue WCSA Atletico Rialto Fire
B16 Premier CFC Untouchables Black Anaheim Black
G16  CZ Elite FRAM Nunez
B17 Legacy FC FC Deportivo Imperio
B19 Spartans FC Co Utd Carlsbad Elite
G19 Foothill Storm AC Brea

How to Register

The tournament registration process has been developed to provide all of your team registration, payment, bracket information, game schedule and game scores online. 

Begin the registration process by completing a simple online form and creating your own User ID and Password. You begin by Clicking on "Register" on the menu bar at the top of the page. You may take as much time as you need to complete your application. You have the ability to return at any time and work with your application until you are ready to submit payment to Coast Soccer League.

Once the team has completed the team on-line registration process, pay online or print out the team application and mail it to the CSL office with a check in the amount of $450 for U11 through U19 and $425 for U8 through U10.
The CSL Office is located at 924 E. Chapman, Orange, California 92866

Please note that the application is not deemed submitted until it has been submitted and your registration fees have been received by Coast Soccer League.

Registered Teams may re-access the registration process by using the Login link at the top of the page.